2017, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose, Scrapbook

A Land of Many Skies

I love this land of many skies-

Where the horizon reaches far and wide-

This land boasts rain and sunshine, too,

And clouds and wind and endless blue.

A poet I am not, my friend,

But if I might just make an end

Beneath the sky that I adore,

I’ll be at peace forevermore.

Three different photos from three different days. Four, if you count the header image. I love the cloud formations that you can often see on the drive home, and I love that I can quick-switch to my camera and capture them whenever I have the chance! (Usually at a stop light or when traffic is slow. Don’t try this at home, kids!) I shot these ones blindly and am amazed they look so good. I love our skies!

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