2017, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose, Scrapbook


Many things have borne this name

Hoary things that twist and twine

Things that are not yours or mine

They always vanish with passing time

These things are silver all the same
Shards of winter in streaks of lace

Creep across my car windshield

Coat the leaves within the fields

Weigh down branches until they yield

Until, at last, the final fall they face
I know it’s a couple days late, but Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year to all! Where I live, we had a white Christmas (🎼Just like the ones I used to know…🎶), and the temperatures have only plummeted further since Christmas Eve. (7°F this morning with a -5°F wind chill! Wow! Not the coldest, I know, but definitely colder than we’ve had for a couple years, now.) Had to chip ice off my car’s windshield a couple of times, but this morning’s frost display was beautiful. I couldn’t resist taking a picture! The second picture was shot from the top of the Gorilla enclosure at the Zoo on Christmas Eve. So cold, but so worth it.

I love winter photographs for their high levels of contrast and the variety of colors you get. All different hues of blue and grey, the rosy blush that spreads across the snow in the dawning, the golden glow of a sunset on white-kissed trees. The deep greens of pine and fir make the warmer colors even richer.

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