2018, Amanda's Sketchbook

American Honey


Howdy, folks!

Playing around with Photoshop, this time, while chatting on Discord with one of my best friends, Kelling, who is the owner and operator of Creative Hearts Studio. This started out as a sketch of a girl posing, and then I decided that the shape of her head was pretty enough that she could probably rock the whole “half-shaved” look that is so popular nowadays. Add in a peasant-top blouse, a blue-jean vest, and some accessories, and she turned out looking like someone straight out of Footloose, only sweeter.

I was originally going to color her in a more painterly style, but then I liked how the shapes formed when I was blocking out her colors using the lasso tool and the paint bucket, so I decided to run with that. Afterward, added a Gaussian blur to the lower half and a regular Blur filter to the entire thing to soften the lines a bit. This is the result:


The only downfall to the results is that the hearts tattoo on her arm was lost, as well as her belly button ring and the button to her jeans. Might go back in and rework this later, but for now, I like the simplicity of it.

Hope y’all like her as much as I enjoyed creating her! I think I’ll name her Virginia and call her “Ginny” for short.

Let me know what you think!



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