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Cover Art Thumbnails

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to my page!

As I continue writing my novel, I constantly find myself revising and editing- and not just the text itself. I’ve probably gone through about 15 different cover art iterations in the search for just the right cover. Composition, color, value, contrast, focal point, not to mention type, and sheer OOMPF to grab the stack-browser’s attention. How to achieve all that? Not easy.

So, I decided to start simple and do some thumbnails. After all, a thumbnail is about the size of the covers on a Kindle Store page, right? Right. If I can catch a reader’s eye with a thumbnail, I know they’ll be even more impressed when they see it full-size.

Here are the latest renditions, 1-9:


Of course, if I used any of these for the actual cover, they would have to be cleaned up, I would use REAL typeface, and the watermark, of course, throws it all off, but…

What do you say? If you were browsing the Kindle Store for a new read, which one would you buy?

If you could put your choices in order by number (i.e. 8, 2, 6, 5, 9, etc.) in the comments below, I would very much appreciate your feedback!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!



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