2018, Amanda's Sketchbook

Hero of Time

Good morning, everyone!


Not going to lie. I’m up way past my bedtime to bring this to you, but I hope you enjoy it.

Link, of course, is the sole property of the Nintendo company, and I’m making no profit from this save the hope that I’ll get my focus back, now.

I’ll definitely be going back and sprucing up the coloring and the lightning job when I have time; this was really just an “I must paint Legend of Zelda or I won’t be able to focus on anything else” piece. I’ve just been wanting to draw Link for the past couple of days, and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t think of anything else I should have been thinking about.

Now that he’s on the screen, maybe he’ll stop nagging me.

I’m kind of in love with how the Master Sword turned out. Perspective is something that consistently troubles me, so I’m actually rather pleased with this. The quote in the background is from the Hero’s Shade of Twilight Princess fame; he is the embodiment of the unfulfilled wishes of the Hero of Time to be remembered for his deeds.

I chose to depict Link in armor and a red tunic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the temptation to design a new outfit for him proved too strong to ignore. Secondly, the rupee-powered armor you receive in Twilight Princess kind of looks like something a king would wear, as well as vaguely resembling the chestplate of the Hero’s Shade. The sun and moon motif are a throwback to the Fierce Deity’s armor, as is the war paint. The green cap is just because. So, I guess the entire outfit is an homage to the Hero of Time’s adventures in Hyrule and Termina, and a nod to the hints of his story that you never really get to see play out.

What do you think? Should I have just stuck with his normal tunic, or is the idea of a new outfit as exciting to you as it is to me?

Sweet dreams!


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