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Speedpaint: Moana

Hello, all you movers and shakers, and all you dreamers of dreams!

Today, I have for you a speedpaint of a pic I made for my friend’s birthday. She’s half-Samoan, all awesome, and was really excited when Disney’s Moana was released in theaters. (And for good reason!) So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my Moana Waialiki speedpaint! (Though I don’t own her. She’s Disney’s lady through and through.)

I love how her eyes and the necklace turned out. Her hair, too. Actually, I’m rather fond of the entire piece, even the background (though granted, that definitely isn’t my favorite part of it).


Here she is in her entirety! I know, her shirt and necklace are a little different than they were in the movie. I was trying to reimagine her how she might look a few years older than she was depicted in the film.

What do you guys think of this rendition of our favorite Polynesian non-princess? Good? Bad? All opinions are welcome!

Thanks so much, and this is Amanda, signing out.



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