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Finn Felipov Concept Sheet

Hello to all my movers and shakers, and to all my dreamers of dreams!

So, to be completely honest with you, I actually forgot to make this post last Saturday. In my defense, I have been fighting a cold for the past week (and all the sleep deprivation that comes with it) so I can admit I have not been thinking as clearly as usual. Still, I hope you don’t mind the lateness.

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, Finn Felipov is one of my babies. I know I’ve mentioned his younger brother, Daryn Felipov, but in this one, I actually bring Finn himself to life. Yes, before anyone asks, those are the glyphs of the Highlander language, there in the background.

Also, if you watch this video, please don’t freak out: I recorded my first process commentary, which also doubles as my video debut. Yes, that is my real face there in the upper-left-hand corner. No, I’m not wearing makeup. Yes, I sound like a chain-smoker, and no, that is not my normal voice. Thank you for wondering! 😀


Also, while my drawing of hands has greatly improved over the years, they still are not perfect, and I suspect that they never will be unless I’m working from a life model (which I was not, here).

Still, I hope you enjoy this video and the character sheet. I’ve always found that it’s easier to write a character’s description if you can see him/her.

What do you think? Is it easier to maintain consistency if you can see the character in front of your eyes, or not?

What do you think of Finn? Please let me know in the comments below!


Signing off,


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