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Now Live on Wattpad: The Black Chasm Chapter 3!

Hello to all my movers and shakers and all my dreamers of dreams!

Today I offer, for your reading pleasure, The Black Chasm Chapter 3: Scrying. If you are reading this story, I really hope you enjoy this chapter. It is one of the chapters that is closest to the original draft, and one of the scenes that I liked enough to keep all the way through to this one.

To be honest, I think that if this chapter had a slogan, it would be “Love, Drugs, and Giant Bugs”.

This chapter is grittier and more action-oriented than the last ones, both in terms of relationships and action. The plot thickens a bit, we meet some new characters, and Things Happen… Argh, I want to say more, but that would spoil the chapter!

That being said, if you read this chapter (or better yet, the entire story!), please let me know what you think! I would really appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Gotta go, so I’ll talk to you later! Thank you!

This is Amanda, signing out.

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