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The Black Chasm Chapter 4 is up!

Hello to all my movers and shakers and all my dreamers of dreams!

Hoo boy, has it been a heck of a week or what? I can’t thank you enough for reading my posts. I know I missed my usual weekend art posts (and I’m still working on the video footage for those), but they should be back on schedule for this week. In fact, I was thinking about posting my speedpaint a few days early in honor of the National Day of Prayer. What do you think? Should I go ahead and upload it this evening, or do you think I should hold off?

On the bright side, I was able to post Chapter 4 of The Black Chasm on Wattpad! It’s now there for your reading enjoyment- and I really hope you do enjoy it. This chapter was where the second draft truly began diverging from the original, and I hope that I managed to keep it enjoyable without it lagging.

If you want to read it, here is a preview:

Also, if you have the time, I have a request to make. Since I’m publishing this in the interest of seeing what people like and do not like about The Black Chasm, I would really value any commentary you might have about the book. It would be a huge help just to know what you think!

Again, thank you so much for reading this crazy post, and for reading my book. I appreciate you so much!

This is Amanda, signing out.

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