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How to Write: Starting from Step Zero

Do you know that you want to write something, but you don't know what it is? Are you stuck on where to start figuring out your topic, theme, or how to figure out what your plot is? I recommend you start from Step Zero.

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In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row...

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Regarding Fantasy Fighting Styles: Dashing, Dagger-Wielding Rogues

Original question: "How can I make a character that wields only daggers as good as other characters?" This was a question originally posted and answered on Quora, but I had so much answering it that I decided to bring it over to WordPress! How would you answer this question?

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Revenant: The Series

I freely admit that Revenant: Helljumper was initially born out of a Captain America fanfiction, but it has changed drastically since those days...

2020, Literature, Revenant

Revenant: Helljumper, Chapter 1.

"Aye, I ken it." He was still staring at her. "Ye're mad. Ye're a madwoman."

Quinn gave him a pointed look. "Says the man who just charged straight into machine-gun fire and tossed himself into an enemy trench without a second thought."