2019, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose

The Martyr

Hello to all my Movers and Shakers! Hoo-boy, what a hiatus. I hope you all have been well! I do have some exciting news about my first short story, which you can hear about on the sister site to this page, at┬áLady Nightshade: The Series. If you enjoy my writing, please visit that site for… Continue reading The Martyr

2017, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose, Scrapbook


Many things have borne this name Hoary things that twist and twine Things that are not yours or mine They always vanish with passing time These things are silver all the same Shards of winter in streaks of lace Creep across my car windshield Coat the leaves within the fields Weigh down branches until they… Continue reading Frost

2017, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose, Scrapbook

Silk Scarves

Bolts of cloth so varied, it's true They're every color of the rainbow So diverse in saturation and hue Meant to flow and fall and billow Scarves alike for necks and for crowns Lengths of silk both printed and plain Made to make heads turn all around But they're oh-so-easy to snag and stain Christmas… Continue reading Silk Scarves

2017, Literature, Miscellaneous Poetry and Prose, Scrapbook

A Land of Many Skies

I love this land of many skies- Where the horizon reaches far and wide- This land boasts rain and sunshine, too, And clouds and wind and endless blue. A poet I am not, my friend, But if I might just make an end Beneath the sky that I adore, I'll be at peace forevermore. Three… Continue reading A Land of Many Skies