2022, Health and Wellness for Writers

The Importance of Exercise and Rest for Writers

Writers are human, too, and as a human, you need exercise and good rest to give your best to your craft. Here are some hard truths about writing and exercise, some suggestions for getting in better shape quickly, and three ways to improve your rest so you can wake up feeling more refreshed.

2022, About Writing

Why Do You Write?

Let’s face it: writing is a long, sometimes-boring, lonely slog, and if you don’t know your burning why of why you’re writing, then chances are, you’re going to give up as soon as you hit the saggy middle, or as soon as you get your first critique.

Who are you writing for, and why do you write?

My answer?

Write for you, and write because you must.

2020, Getting Started, Writing Advice

How to Write: Starting from Step Zero

Do you know that you want to write something, but you don't know what it is? Are you stuck on where to start figuring out your topic, theme, or how to figure out what your plot is? I recommend you start from Step Zero.