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Speedpaint: Motaki Atakaru

Good afternoon, movers and shakers and dreamers of dreams! I know, I know- "Amanda's updating after only TWO DAYS?!?! Is it the end of the world?!" I'm happy to say that, no, the world is not ending just because I'm posting earlier than normal. The sketch the other night was unexpected, actually; this one has… Continue reading Speedpaint: Motaki Atakaru

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Speedpaint: Moana

Hello, all you movers and shakers, and all you dreamers of dreams! Today, I have for you a speedpaint of a pic I made for my friend's birthday. She's half-Samoan, all awesome, and was really excited when Disney's Moana was released in theaters. (And for good reason!) So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my… Continue reading Speedpaint: Moana

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Happy New Year!

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you! (Belated though these wishes are.) Things have been so busy that I cannot even believe how quickly the time has flown past. Work, combined with orchestral performances (I play the violoncello for my church orchestra), combined with writing my own novel and… Continue reading Happy New Year!