2018, Literature, The Black Chasm

Chapter 2 of TBC Has Been Uploaded

Good morning, all my movers and shakers and all my dreamers of dreams! Chapter 2 of The Black Chasm is now live on Wattpad for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I'll be back tomorrow with my next YouTube painting video- this time, I'm using… Continue reading Chapter 2 of TBC Has Been Uploaded

2018, Concept Art Timelapse Videos, The Black Chasm, Timelapse Videos

Finn Felipov Concept Sheet

Hello to all my movers and shakers, and to all my dreamers of dreams! So, to be completely honest with you, I actually forgot to make this post last Saturday. In my defense, I have been fighting a cold for the past week (and all the sleep deprivation that comes with it) so I can… Continue reading Finn Felipov Concept Sheet

2018, Amanda's Sketchbook, The Black Chasm

Inked: Finn Felipov

Good night or good morning, my movers and shakers and dreamers of dreams! Not going to lie: it's WAY too late at night for me to be completely coherent, but I wanted to share this. This is Finn from the #BlackChasm. I just wanted to draw him... and then I inked the drawing... and got… Continue reading Inked: Finn Felipov